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Earth Science
Instructor: Ms. Norris   
This course is designed for students to acquire a basic understanding of the astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, and geology of the planet Earth.  Students should gain a better understanding of Earth, its functions, and its place within the universe. 
Introduction Resource Links
CU Boulder Survey 1
Please copy and paste the following browser to access the pre-teaching survey for Jan 9th.


Ms. Norris
Regarding Conferences
Hello wonderful parent(s)/guardian(s),
I wanted to notify you here that unfortunately I will have some changes in conferences this year. My deepest and sincere apologies as I always look forward to meeting with you. Many of you know my son has been wheelchair bound for the last several weeks. Because of this, I will only be available for conferences on Tuesday from 330-6:30pm. I am so sorry for the inconvenience and please if you would like to meet I am happy to make additional arrangements and/or please feel free to send me an email @ mnorris@weldre9.k12.co.us. I have been enjoying your student(s) very much and have been busy with many activities in every class and like to see their progress and growth.
Again my deepest apologies and sincerity.
Ms. Norris
For Wednesdsay and Thursday 4/13,4/14
Use the web link: http://www.go-astronomy.com/constellations.htm to access the constellation which your group chose. Please only pick constellations that we will see in the Northern Hemisphere. Figure out the right ascension and declination points and graph them using graph paper for each of the stars within your constellation.
Extreme Orbits - Formation of Planets, Stars and Galaxies Documentary

This is the classroom link we used to complete questions 1-22 on Wednesday/Thursday 4/6, 4/7.
Constellation Project Phase 1
Pluto News
Space Foundation Activities
Please see the link below for upcoming activities at the Sapce Foundation.
Absent Work for Summit Trip 2/5
Because there is some important football game going on this weekend we took a break from weather to talk about some NFL Science. Please use the link to the right "Science of the NFL" and complete the attached sheet (found under "files" and February). Both videos are represented on the attached document so you will know which one to watch.
Parent Teacher Conferences
Please remember that conferences are right around the corner February 9th and 11th. If you cannot make any of the times please feel free to email me and I will get back to you with some information on your student. Thank you!
Ms. Norris
Adventure Leadership Program
Miramont Lifestyle Fitness has offered up some great opportunities for our students! If you're interested in enrolling in a summer adventure program please see the attached link. Kids that are interested will be bringing some information home today. Thank you!


Ms. Norris
Happy New Year Reminder!
Hello and Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break filled with laughter and love. Just a reminder that your student may need a new science notebook for second semester. Many have already filled theirs up. Please be sure to drop in and pick one up prior to Monday! Thank you and wishing you well.
Ms. Norris
Study Guide Posted Under Homework
The study guide, which is DUE on November 30th, is now posted under "homework." If you lost it between Friday and Monday you may print it from here
Ms. Norris
For Absent Students Tuesday
Please review the following website: http://terpconnect.umd.edu/~wbreslyn/chemistry/naming/findingioniccharge.html

1. Watch the instructional video.
2. Tear out your periodic table from your planner and paste it into the very front cover of your notebook.
3. Label each column with the proper charge number in your notebook.
4. Click on "Naming Elements" on the left hand side of the screen.
5. Review the instructional video
6. Write in your notebook how you will write the ionic name of a single element.

Thanks, any questions be sure to stop in or email.
Ms. Norris
FFA DLC Kids Absent Assignment
Please be sure to complete the following if you missed class on Monday 11/16.

1. Read the following article: http://www.onearth.org/earthwire/tar-sands-bubble

2. Complete the following book assignment: pg 108-117. Complete the chapter assessment in LNB #1-21 **You will see these questions on the exam.

3. Reminder that if you missed Friday too then you need to complete the below Keystone XL Work. Any questions please feel free to see me outside of class time.

Ms. Norris
Keystone XL Pipeline Discussion
For those of you that will be gone hunting Friday 11/13 and those that will be out for FFA DLC on Monday 11/16 please review the following information as it will be part of class discussion as well as potential test questions on you exam.

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvo4078xSzQ - "10 Keystone XL Pipeline Facts"
2. http://www.wsj.com/articles/on-keystone-obama-missed-an-opportunity-1447263112 - "On the Keystone Pipeline President Obama Missed an Opportunity."
3. https://www.edf.org/climate/how-cap-and-trade-works - "How Cap and Trade Works"
Please be advised that due to the ELL trip, the Volleyball game rescheduled, and the conferences, I have opted to move my test date to Monday October 26th. Students were informed today and I will change it in the calendar.
Thank you.
Ms. Norris
Exam 1
ES Exam 1 will take place on Wednesday October 21 and Thursday October 22. Please make sure your student is studying regularly from here on out. All of the presentations as well as video clips are posted to the page under "files" or "links." I will be going over a few things on Monday and Tuesday.
Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and safe weekend!
Ms. Norris
International High School Journal of Science (IHSJS) – August 2015
Interesting journal that just came out regarding High School Students and STEM integration. http://www.ihsjs.com/magazines/IHSJS-Aug-2015/

Horsetooth Alternate Assignment
If you did not go on the field trip here is the alternate assignment. Must be turned in by the 13th.
p. 132 1-4
p. 142 1-5
p. 147 1-3
Chapter Assessment 1-24
For Friday 10/02/15
Use the link: http://www.nature.nps.gov/geology/education/index.cfm#views to locate what you are going to look at first on the interactive site.
1. Scroll down the page to where it says Earth Science Concepts.
2. Click on Geologic Time and then Geologic Time Module
3. Read through the material in the module. Write down (1) interesting fact from each slide you review into your notebook.
4. Next, go to the second link: http://www.nature.nps.gov/views/
5. Click visit views of the national parks.
6. Click any park or theme you find interesting.
7. Write down your location in your notebook and review the module using the tabs on the top.
8. Write down at least 5 interesting facts or pieces of evidence you have learned from your module.
PTC's October 20th and 22nd
Parent/teacher conference forms are available in the office; if you would like one please stop in the office. Conferences are Tuesday, October 20 & Thursday, October 22.
8th Grade CMAS Results
Wednesday and Thursday I will be sending 8th Grade CMAS results home. I hope you will go over this with your student. I will be covering some things in class but be sure to check for it in the backpack or take home folder/binder they use. Some good news to report and also news that we have to build on. Approx. 23% of students scored in the strong command level, 38% in the moderate command level, and 37% in limited command. There is work to be done and the nice thing is they have a few years to build on their skills however overall, I am pleased and we will keep hitting it hard!
Thank you for great kids!
Ms. Norris
Files on Fusion
Students and Parents,
I am doing my best to keep all presentations and what not uploaded to here. You will find all classroom presentations under "files" at the bottom of the page and the month in which we did them.
Thank you.
Ms. Norris
Science MAPS Testing
Begins Wednesday. Please be sure to get a good nights sleep. Double check your planner for reporting location for science MAPS. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Week of 8/24
Students are really doing a great job acclimating to High School. Just shows me that they were more than ready to be here! We have tackled a ton of critical skills and higher order thinking labs over the last week. I posted a slideshow for your viewing. Labs included a Mass Tower, Saving Sam, and Wylei Wilson’s ramp. It has been fun to tie in some math and literacy skills into each of these projects.
Freshman will be testing MAPS Monday- Thursday next week as well as any make-ups on Friday. Please make sure your child is rested. I will post the MAPS schedule on my calendar.
Your student has signed up for duties and responsibilities to include but not limited too float building for homecoming, window painting, banner making, and concessions. Please make sure to SHOW UP on your date you signed up for. I have put all dates into the calendar on this page. If you need a reminder of what you signed up for be sure to check the posters outside of my classroom. It is critical that all students participate in this fun event to show our class pride! Go Class of 2019!!!
GT Information
My plan is to meet with all GT kids on Wednesday morning at 7:30am in my classroom. We need to start setting goals and making some arrangements for plans this year.

If I happened to miss something here please let me know. Thank you and hope you have a great weekend!
Ms. Norris
It is important that your student keep track of their grades. Already, many assignments are not getting turned in as they should. Please stay on top of grades!
Thank you,
Ms. Norris
School Suppplies
Hello and welcome back! Just wanted to give a quick update for supplies needed for class (both Science and Health). We will be notebooking again this year. This means students will need a composition notebook again. I prefer comp notebooks over spirals please. Just saw that they were $1.00 at Walmart. Also, if you can pick up a large jar of rubber cement, I found this is way more effective than tape or glue sticks however, these need to remain in my classroom so please make sure your student brings it to me. That is all they need. If they want to use their own colored pencils, that is great as it eliminates time they have to get mine out. Thank you and feel free to contact me via email any time!
Ms. Norris
+ Norris, Machin
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